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Rudy stumps for Toomey in PA

Blue Bell, PA - Former New York Mayor and one-time presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani railed against the Democrats at a rally here at a local fire house. He was campaigning for Pat Toomey (R), who is deadlocked in a Senate race with Rep. Joe Sestak (D). Toomey had a big lead in the contest, but it has tightened significantly in recent days.

He frequently referred to the trifecta of "Obama-Pelosi-Reid," saying that it's important to "correct the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda" of "big giant government" this election.

"They want to make us like one of those European social democracies where the government runs just about everything." Giuliani said Toomey's opponent, Joe Sestak, may be the only person in the country that he knows that "wants to go further than the Obama-Pelosi-Reid."

"I don't know how much further you can go without going into the ocean," the former New York City mayor said.

"Barney Frank!" someone shouted from the crowd.

"You found one!" Giuliani acknowledged.

At one point during Giuliani's speech, someone in the crowd yelled, "You should be in the White House!"

Giuliani acknowledged the comment and told the crowd a story about a woman he met at the airport California recently. "This woman came up to me and said to me 'You would make a better president than President Obama.' And I said, 'Ma'am, thank you very much, but that is not a compliment.'"

"I know thousands of people that would make a better president than President Obama," he exclaimed. "I know hundreds of thousands of people that would make a better speaker of the House than Nancy Pelosi."

He continued railing on Pelosi. "No more Nancy Pelosi on Sunday morning television! That alone is worth voting for Republicans."

"Or on 'Saturday Night Live'; she's a big enough joke!" someone from the crowd yelled.

Maybe she can get a spot on "Saturday Night Live," Giuliani mused. "Or maybe she can take Juan Williams' place on NPR," said the former mayor.

"All the poor guy did was express his feelings," he said, defending Williams, a television commentator who was recently fired from his post at NPR for comments he made in regard to Muslims which his employer said were insensitive. "Juan Williams just expressed something that a lot of people feel."

He also said people should stop worrying about offending people when it comes to protecting American soil. "I would like to know, who is offended if I say 'Islamic extremism?'"

"We need an Italian president!," someone yelled from the crowd, referring to Giuliani's Italian background.

"Frankly, I don't care who's offended by it, because if you're offended by it there's something wrong with you," saying that Islamic extremists were an "embarrassment to decent Muslims."

"Any Muslim that gets offended by that better straighten out their way of thinking."

Giuliani, who flaunted the fact that he was wearing cowboy boots, spoke to a crowd of about 200. He said he won the boots in a bet in 1996, when the Yankees beat the Texas Rangers. After the event, Giuliani was headed to Texas to see Gov. Rick Perry, with whom he has made another wager on the Yankees-Rangers playoff series.

What's the wager?

You guessed it: cowboy boots.