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Inside the Boiler Room

Ever wonder what Mark and Domenico do behind the scenes? Have you ever wanted to ask their opinions on an interesting topic? Now, you can! Each week, the dynamic duo will take questions from First Read readers in a new Web segment called, “Inside the Boiler Room.”

Where did the name come from? It’s what the late Tim Russert called the office where Mark and Domenico work; not many people see it (and don't necessarily want to), but if it stops working, you notice.

You can submit questions for Mark and Domenico in the First Read comments area, Facebook page, or tweet it, to @mmurraypolitics or @DomenicoNBC.

In this week's inaugural segment, check out the political unit’s favorite ads from this election season.

Produced and edited by Alexandra Moe
Shot by Alexandra Moe and Ali Weinberg