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Obama agenda: Hey, ladies

President Obama “turned his attention on Thursday to convincing the female voters who helped deliver the presidency to him not to abandon the Democratic Party in its hour of need,” the New York Times writes. “In a series of orchestrated events, the White House sought to make the case that Mr. Obama’s two years in office have already been a boon to women all over the country… But for all of the cheers at Thursday’s campaign events, it remains unclear whether women will be there for Mr. Obama.”

“President Barack Obama rallied an arena full of supporters Thursday at the University of Washington alongside Sen. Patty Murray, whose seat could decide control of the Senate,” Roll Call adds.

The Washington Post reports that “President Obama will go on a four-city blitz right before Election Day, traveling to Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Chicago, and Cleveland over the final campaign weekend…Vice President Biden will accompany him to Cleveland. On Nov. 1, the Monday before election day, First Lady Michelle Obama will campaign in Las Vegas and Philadelphia, officials said.”