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GOP watch: Boehner embraces the Tea Party

“This year, Boehner is using a different strategy as he tries to position himself as the next House speaker,” the AP writes. “He has diverted more than a quarter-million dollars of his business-funded war chest to 29 avowedly antiestablishment candidates who have been endorsed by elements of the Tea Party movement. The donations to these hopefuls, from Oregon to Alabama, show more than the Republican Party’s broad embrace of insurgents in a year when Democrats are on the defensive. They also appear to reflect Boehner’s pragmatic desire to promote ties with a new crop of impassioned conservatives, some of whom could hold the keys to a Republican takeover of the House.”

Orrin Hatch said Clarence Thomas does deserve an apology from Anita Hill. Hatch on Twitter: "People have got to understand that Justice Thomas and his wife are good honest people who deserve an apology!"

He was there? Hatch told CNN: "Look, I was there. I know this more intimately than almost anybody. And I can tell you that Clarence Thomas was telling the truth… I think this has probably grated on Ginni all these years. And I think she was probably hoping that maybe Anita Hill would admit that what she said was wrong."

Tim Pawlenty says he’ll decide in March if he’s running for president in 2012. Gingrich also says March, and Mitch Daniels says April, per GOP 12.