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Obama agenda: Go West ... to save the Senate

President Obama will hit the West Coast this week, as well as Las Vegas, Minnesota and Maryland. VP Biden is in Pennsylvania today, campaigning in PA-15, and then heads off to Washington State, San Francisco, Reno, and Maryland.

The New York Times on President and Mrs. Obama’s trip to Ohio to campaign for Gov. Ted Strickland yesterday: “President Obama is seeking to rally anxious Democrats for the final two weeks of the midterm election campaign, traveling to the heart of the electoral battleground to urge them not to be discouraged — ‘Don’t let them tell you that change isn’t possible’ — even as resurgent Republicans continued to expand their sights with the help of deep-pocketed allies.”

More: Speaking at an Ohio State rally on behalf of Gov. Ted Strickland, President Obama “was greeted by a lively crowd -- estimated by OSU officials at 35,000 -- that echoed the enthusiasm that helped propel him to the White House. The White House said Sunday's crowd was the largest Obama had spoken to since his inauguration… he took advantage of having Michelle at his side, reprising the warm banter between the two of them displayed on the 2008 campaign trail. “‘It's fun having her along on this road trip,’ said Obama, who introduced himself as Michelle Obama's husband. ‘Usually I'm all by myself, listening to my iPod. We had a wonderful conversation on the way here, and she was telling me what I should do. It's true. It's true. You think I'm joking. I'm not. I have witnesses.’”

“Terror leader Osama Bin Laden is living it up in Pakistan, not cowering in some cave, a senior NATO official tells CNN,” the New York Daily News recounts. “The report indicates that the founder of Al Qaeda, the organization responsible for multiple terror attacks including those on 9/11, is shacked up in a home somewhere in the northwest region of the country.”

“The President will announce his part on ‘Mythbusters,’ the Discovery Channel's hit science series, during Monday's White House science fair,” The New York Daily News writes. “The President's episode, ‘Archimedes Solar Ray,’ will air Dec. 8, according to the Discovery Channel. In it, Obama will challenge hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to revisit the controversial claim that ancient Greek scientist and mathematician Archimedes set fire to a fleet of invading Roman ships by using mirrors that reflect the sun's rays.”