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Congress: TARP -- a "resounding success"

“House minority leader John Boehner waved his arms, jabbed his finger, and urged members of both parties to take a courageous vote for what has become known as the Wall Street bailout,” the Boston Globe notes. “ ‘These are the votes that separate the men from the boys and the girls from the women,’ Boehner said two years ago just before voting to authorize the federal government to purchase up to $700 billion in toxic assets from foundering financial firms. Since then, anger over the legislation has cost some congressional backers their jobs and fueled the Tea Party movement. Even Boehner has become a leading critic. Yet as the program winds down, some of its backers — as well as independent analysts — insist it has been a resounding success. Most of the money has been repaid, and Treasury officials expect it will cost a fraction of the initial projections. The mystery to supporters is why the Troubled As set Relief Program — or TARP — has become the dirty, four-letter word of the 2010 midterm elections.”