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O'Donnell talks to DE SEN hopefuls

NBC's Kelly O'Donnell talked with both candidates for Delaware Senate, Republican Christine O'Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons, after their first and only debate together. Below, the full clips of the interviews and some excerpts.

Christine O'Donnell on Wednesday's debate
I think last night's debate was certainly a tipping point. The way I described it was we've shattered my opponent's glass jaw. I think over the next couple of weeks you're going to hear the pieces of glass hit the floor.

On the media craze over the race

The media frenzy, as you experienced, is overwhelming and it's not something I welcoe. But I have to laugh because as I walked away and told reporters to please step in line, I looked over my shoulder and there's my opponent taking my leftovers.

On her response to the question of which recent Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with.
I'd like to address that Supreme Court decision -- I mean question. If you'll notice, Wolf said what recent Supreme Court decision did I disagree with. I immediately thought of the second amendment. I immediately thought of Citizens United. And I said to myself, I can't think of a recent Supreme Court decision. And unfortunately that's been mischaracterized. Maybe because that's the only thing they can attack me on.

KOD: Did you feel a litle stupmped by that?

COD: No I just felt like I didn't have an answer because his question was, what recent Supreme Court decision do you disagree with? And under Roberts and under Rehnquist I've been very pleased with the decisions that have been handed down.  

Chris Coons on what he thought President Obama could do for his campaign stumping in Delaware for him.
President Obama is going to be joined by Vice President Biden, who represented Delaware and held the Senate seat here for 36 years. And I'm honored to have the active support of the president and the vice president. But frankly I'm running to be the independent voice for Delaware... I'm grateful for the input, grateful for the support, but frankly, I'm making it clear. I'm running to represent Delaware.

On whether Christine O'Donnell is qualified to represent Delaware in the Senate.
That's a decision that Delaware's voters are going to make on Nov. 2nd. I think the debate we had at the University of Delaware certainly raised some questions about whether she's studied up on the current issues that would face any senator who would take this seat.