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Murkowski to air endorsement by late Sen. Stevens

Incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski is set to air a television ad this week featuring a video endorsement by the late Sen. Ted Stevens, who filmed the clip shortly before his death in a plane crash earlier this year.

Murkowski, who launched a write-in campaign after losing the Aug. 24 primary to Tea Party-supported attorney Joe Miller, was originally slated to air the footage this summer but pulled the ads after the legendary 40-year Senate veteran's death.

Sue Covich, Stevens's daughter, opens the minute-long ad, speaking directly to the camera. "My dad and Lisa made a great team for Alaska and were always loyal to each other and to the state they loved," Covich says, outlining Murkowski's decision not to air the footage until now. "Now, my family and I want you to hear for yourself how strongly he felt about the need to re-elect Lisa."

In the endorsement, dated July 30, Stevens also addresses the camera directly to praise Murkowski's "commitment to keep fighting for us."

In a nod to Murkowski's high-ranking position on the Senate's energy panel and her ability to win funding for projects in the state -- as he notably did during his tenure in Washington -- he adds, "We need Lisa and the seniority she's earned, now more than ever."

POLITICO first reported the ad. Watch below: