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Obama agenda: No 'boxers or briefs' moment

The Washington Post on yesterday’s MTV/BET/CMT forum with President Obama: There was no ‘boxers or briefs’ moment, no chitchat about which Lil Wayne songs he has on his iPod... President Obama stuck to policy as he aimed to reconnect with young voters who invigorated the 2008 campaign, hoping they'll return to the polls for November's midterm elections and help his beleaguered Democrats in Congress."

More: "During the 60-minute telecast, audience members asked tough questions (some tougher than others) through star-struck smiles, suggesting perhaps that Obama is a president they still adore, even if they haven't felt the change he promised two years ago. While the occasional stumbling from questioners and even the program's hosts revealed jangled nerves, Obama maintained his unbreakable cool, offering the same bullet-point responses he finessed on the campaign trail. And while he never pandered, he didn't take full advantage of the opportunity either, speaking more from the stump than from the gut."