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Ad Watch: Wild thing

From NBC's Ali Weinberg and Alison Bruno
Sharron Angle and Harry Reid (and their surrogates) release new ads today in anticipation of their first and only debate tonight… Pat Toomey touts his “Lifelong Democrat” supporters… In MO-4, Republican Vicky Hartzler uses Rep. Ike Skelton’s words on the House floor against him… In PA-11, Lou Barletta puts out an ad that has Rep. Paul Kanjorski’s camp crying ageism… and Harold Johnson in NC-8 tells voters to stop the Kissell/Pelosi agenda.

NV SEN, Reid “Wild”


ANNCR: Sharron Angle voted against background checks to identify sex predators. She's against enforcing restraining orders that protect victims of domestic violence. She says rape victims should be forced to have the baby. Sharron Angle would wipe out Social Security. Medicare. And she'd privatize the VA. RENO MAYOR BOB CASHELL: Oh she's wild, she's wild, and with the wild ideas she has, we would never get anything done. REID: I'm Harry Reid, and I approve this message.

NV SEN, Angle “300”

ANGLE: I'm Sharron Angle, and I approve this message. ANNCR: You're looking at every time Harry Reid voted to raise taxes. Income taxes, taxes on Social Security, taxes on small businesses, even the dreaded death tax. A staggering 300 times Reid voted to raise taxes. And it's a big reason for Nevada's economic meltdown. Now Reid and Pelosi are planning to raise taxes on 34,000,000 families right after the election. Let's stop Harry Reid from ever raising our taxes again.

NV SEN, Reid (Vote Vets) “Highway”

NV VET TONY FUNCHES: High school was 46 miles away. They said going would be impossible. So he walked and hitched his way. 46 every Monday, 46 back come Friday. Asked his girlfriend's father for her hand, he growled and said 'impossible.' Five children and sixteen grandchildren later, he and his girlfriend are still holding hands. Everyone knows a nobody could never get elected to office. Impossible? He proved them wrong again. A nobody from Nevada could never become the most powerful man in the Senate. Never single-handedly stop Yucca Mountain. Never bring Nevada thousands of jobs, or be the one to demand that our veterans be treated with dignity and honor. For those would be impossible. Reelection? Some say darn close to impossible. Throw them all out. But in this day, this time of world-wide distress, we think Nevada needs him and that determination more than ever. So let's send him back, where he'll keep quietly, patiently, doggedly doing what he's always done for us. Yup: the impossible. Vote Vets Action Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising" (Youtube, 10/12).

NV SEN, anti-Reid (Crossroads GPS) “Story”

ANNCR: Harry Reid. Champion of liberal special interests inside the beltway. Disconnected from Nevada and its residents. The Obama playbook to which Senator Reid hitched his fortunes has failed miserably. A vote for Harry Reid is a vote for the status quo in Washington. More of the same big spending. More of the same disdain for the job-creating private sector. Nevada just can't afford more of the same old Harry Reid. Crossroads GPS is responsible for the content of this advertising.

PA SEN, Toomey “Lifelong Democrat”

MAN: I'm a lifelong Democrat, but this year I'm voting for Pat Toomey. Washington has gotten so extreme and Joe Sestak is a big part of it. The health care law went too far, even forcing changes to my Medicare coverage. The bailouts and the spending are exploding the debt, leaving our grandkids with the bill. I'm more comfortable with Pat Toomey. He'll bring balance to Washington.

Lifelong Democrat from Pat Toomey on Vimeo.

MO-4, Hartzler, “Change for the Worse”

HARTZLER: "I'm Vicky Hartzler and I approve this message, because we deserve better." ANNCR: "Ike Skelton, on what we could do if we disagree with Nancy Pelosi's extreme agenda." SKELTON: "Stick it up your a**." ANNCR: "If we object to Skelton's vote for new energy taxes that would cost us over 50,000 jobs, and nearly double our utility bills." SKELTON: "Stick it up your a**." ANNCR: "Or Skelton's support for giving illegal immigrants welfare benefits, free education, even amnesty."

PA-11, Barletta, “It’s Been Too Long”

ANNCR: "Know a guy who wears out his welcome? Paul Kanjorski has just been around too long. Long enough to get 10 pay raises and raise taxes 150 times. Long enough to bail out his donors on Wall Street. And cost us millions of jobs. Long enough to steer millions of taxpayer dollars to his family. Paul Kanjorski. Simply long enough." KANJORSKI: "I'm Paul Kanjorski and I approve this message."

NC-8, Johnson, “Kissell’s Gone Washington”

ANNCR: Larry Kissell’s gone Washington. A politician not truthful with the facts. KISSELL: Let’s take our country back. ANNCR: Kissell’s the problem. He votes with Nancy Pelosi 96% of the time. The failed stimulus. Federal bailout. Piling up trillions in debt. Killing jobs. Kissell voted to give tax credits to firms employing foreign workers in Communist China. Now Kissell falsely attacks Harold Johnson. KISSELL: Let’s take our country back. ANNCR: You want your country back? Stop the Kissell-Pelosi agenda.