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Poll: Reid leads Angle by 3

A new poll could provide a little bit of good news for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose Tea-Party backed opponent, Sharron Angle, announced yesterday that she raised an astonishing $14 million in just three months.

The survey from Suffolk University shows Reid with a 3-point lead over Angle – within the poll’s margin of error but one of Reid’s best performances in a nonpartisan poll since early last month.

The poll showed 46 percent of likely Nevada voters supporting Reid, 43 supporting Angle, and 2 percent supporting Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian. Three percent of likely voters said “None of these candidates” when they were given the option to “lean” towards one of the contenders; when asked whom they supported without including the “lean” option, 13 percent said they would support none of them.

It’s not hard to see why Nevada voters might be dissatisfied with their major candidates. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they said they had an unfavorable opinion of Angle, and 54 percent said the same of Reid.