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Ad Watch: Whitman's Chinese-American outreach

From NBC's Ali Weinberg and Alison Bruno
Meg Whitman
releases an ad in Mandarin and Cantonese… Alexi Giannoulias utilizes footage from “Meet the Press”… And Carl Paladino has “A Plan”… In AL-2, Bobby Bright tells voters he’s not a liberal… Jim Marshall’s ad in GA-8, like that of Bill Owens’ in NY-23, plays up his conservative voting record.

CA GOV, Whitman “My Community” (translated from Mandarin and Cantonese)


ANNCR: Meg Whitman understands our community. She knows entrepreneurship, high-tech jobs and education are the keys to our future. She was a success at eBay, taking it from 30 people to 15,000. She can help California too. She'll get our economy moving with less taxes and red tape on small business. Control wasteful spending. Cut regulation. And invest in schools. More money in the classroom, help for higher education. Meg Whitman. The change we need to get California going again.

IL SEN, Giannoulias “Whopper”

GIANNOULIAS: I'm Alexi Giannoulias, and I approve this message. NBC'S GREGORY: But the question, Mr. Giannoulias, should tax cuts be paid for? GIANNOULIAS: And this is why this race is so important. This is a fundamental public policy difference between myself and Congressman Kirk. He says he's a fiscal hawk. Look, the congressman has told some real whoppers during this campaign, but that may be the biggest one of all. He voted for every single one of the Bush budgets, which doubled our national debt. He voted to increase his own pay six times. He voted for the bridge to nowhere twice. He voted to raise the debt ceiling four times. The list goes on and on. So, Congressman, saying you're a fiscal hawk doesn't necessarily make it true, and your voting record proves that it's not true. The question is, for the Congressman, the $700 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, we don't have $700 billion. So my question to the congressman is, which country do you plan on borrowing $700 billion from? The Saudis? China? We can't afford it. And that's one of the problems, quite frankly, with Washington, D.C., this overborrowing, overspending.

NY GOV, Paladino “I’ve Got A Plan”

PALADINO: Hi, I'm Carl Paladino. Unemployment is at record levels. The state budget is out of control. Taxes are driving good jobs and companies from our state. Albany insiders like Andrew Cuomo have failed us. Albany needs a major overhaul and I've got a plan to do it. I'll cut taxes by 10%, cut state spending by 20%, and stamp out corruption with new full disclosure laws for state legislators. We can get New York moving again and I'm not afraid to do it.

AL-2, Bright, “Just Bobby”

BRIGHT: "I've heard my constituents and they don't want a liberal running the House, they want a conservative. I'm going to vote for the person who will allow me to best represent my constituents. I've already voted to repeal a portion of [the health care law], and anyone who tells you otherwise is just downright lying to you. I'm the most independent member of Congress and what I try to do is bring people together to make good things happen for our country. I'm Bobby Bright and I approve this message, and I sure hope you do too."

GA-8, Marshall, “Long Way”

MARSHALL: "I'm Jim Marshall and I approve this message." ANNCR: "Georgia is a long way from San Francisco, and Jim Marshall is a long way from Nancy Pelosi. Jim Marshall doesn't support Nancy Pelosi, he voted the same as Republican leaders 65 percent of the time. Jim Marshall worked and voted against Nancy Pelosi's trillion-dollar health care bill because we can't afford it. And Jim Marshall is endorsed by the NRA, Right-to-Life, and the Chamber of Commerce. They wouldn't have anything to do with a Nancy Pelosi supporter."

NY-23, Owens, “People Know”


OWENS: "I'm Bill Owens and I approve this message." ANNCR: "Wall Street people sure know how to lie with numbers. Bill Owens didn't vote with Nancy Pelosi 93 percent of the time. He voted with the Republican leader 63 percent of the time. And Bill Owens strengthened Medicare with better prescription drug coverage. Matt Doheny wants to replace Medicare with private bouchers and reduced benefits. He promoted it with his own money. And Matt Doheny said he wants to cut Social Security benefits too. Matt Doheny won't stand up for us."