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Hillary talks 2008, political civility

From NBC's Andrea Mitchell and Courtney Kube
In the midst of a heated political season back in the U.S., Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about mending political fences during her trip to Sarajevo today.

"We have someone who could never have been elected in my country just a short while ago," she told a group of students and civil society leaders today, adding, "I ran against him, as you know, I tried to beat him, and he won."

Clinton said despite their own battle, after President Obama won, "he asked me to work with him."

"Now in many countries that would still seem like a strange idea -- if you're in a political contest, it should be zero sum game, winner takes all," she said, adding, "but that's not how we see it."

"I'm often asked how could I go to work for President Obama after trying to defeat him, and the answer is simple: we both love our country," Clinton said. She went on to encourage the group to work to develop that same mindset there in Sarajevo.