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Ad Watch: Keeping ads in the family

From NBC's Ali Weinberg and Alison Bruno
Gubernatorial hopefuls Mark Dayton and Bill Brady recruit their children for the ad endorsement cause… New Mexico’s Susana Martinez uses Diane Denish’s words as Bill Richardson’s lieutenant governor against her… And Marco Rubio says “We All Know” that Charlie Crist is a flip-flopper…

And in House races, Delaware Democrat John Carney releases his first ad against Glen Urquhart, linking him to a slightly higher-profile, polarizing Republican nominee in the state… the Chamber of Commerce hits Floridians Alan Grayson and Diane Kosmas… and in South Dakota, Kristi Noem uses Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s words against her.

IL GOV, Brady “Katie”
KATIE: I'm Kate Brady. My dad has taught me a lot of lessons about life. 'No challenge is too big, Katie,' that's what he always tells me. He feels the same way about the people of Illinois. He'll tell you, 'times are tough but so are the people.' He believes to his core that you put your faith in people and not government. He put his faith in me and made me the person I am today. I know he'll lead us, lift us up and fight to give us a brighter future. ANNCR: Bill Brady. Governor.

MN GOV, Dayton “Our Ad for Dad”

A. DAYTON: "My grandfather never went to business school, but he just worked harder than everyone else. I think that's sorta been the family secret." E. DAYTON: "I just think that my dad is a classic workhorse. He represents the values and the priorities that people associate with Minnesota." A. DAYTON: "To me, he was just dad. He was the coach of my little league baseball team." E. DAYTON: "Growing up he was a goalie, he was all-state and so it was great to have my dad as a goalie coach. He was always out there on the ice with me, you know, taking shots on me. And it meant a lot to me to have his support and encouragement." A. DAYTON: "He was a great role-model as a father who was just playing the game right, working hard and he brought that same mentality and approach to his career in politics." E. DAYTON: "He's been driven by injustice and unfairness and to stand up for the little guy and try to give them a better chance in life since we were given so much." A. DAYTON: "My dad's never claimed to be perfect, but his heart's in the right place." E. DAYTON: "There've been no steadier, supportive, loving presence in our lives than our dad." A. DAYTON: "The kind of man that I want to be and that I hope to be someday.”

NM GOV, Martinez “More of the Same”


DENISH: Hi I'm New Mexico's Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish. Governor Bill Richardson’s work is something to brag about. Governor Richardson believes that good jobs and good wages are the best solutions. Governor Richardson has a record of success. Please join me in supporting Bill Richardson.

DE-AL, Carney

ANNCR: For John Carney, it’s never been about politics. It’s always been about people. The ones he grew up with in Claymont, who struggled through hard times but keep believing in better ones. John Carney’s always been a voice when we needed one, because creating jobs and a better future for our kids isn’t politics. It’s personal. Glenn Urquhart and Christine O’Donnell want to shift the tax burden from the wealthy to the middle class. And Urquhart opposes the new law to stop Wall Street abuses. If you’re going to represent Delaware’s voters, you ought to represent Delaware values.

FL-8, anti-Grayson (Chamber of Commerce)


ANNCR: "Tired of big-mouth politicians ignoring our big problems? Alan Grayson is the most extreme." GRAYSON: "Die quickly. The Republicans want you to die quickly. Die quickly." ANNCR: "But when it comes to Nancy Pelosi, big barker Grayson turns into a lap-dog. Obamacare, job-killing energy taxes, union giveaways. Good boy Alan. Call Alan Grayson, tell him to stop being Pelosi's lapdog and help fix our economy. The U.S. Chamber is responsible for the content of this advertising."

FL-24, anti-Kosmas (Chamber of Commerce)


ANNCR: "Nancy Pelosi didn't damage our economy all alone, she had some help from a friend. Suzanne Kosmas votes with Nancy Pelosi 93 percent of the time. 93 percent. Kosmas is such a good pal she even changed her vote to help Pelosi pass Obamacare, saddling us with a trillion dollar price tag. Kosmas and Pelosi. An economic wrecking crew. Tell Kosmas to stop. Her friendship with Pelosi is crushing Florida taxpayers. The U.S. Chamber is responsible for the content of this advertising."

SD-AL, Noem, “One Way”

HERSETH SANDLIN: "Don't be so scared just because Democrats are in charge." ANNCR: "Trillion dollar deficits. South Dakota families' losing their homes. The policies of Obama and Pelosi?" HERSETH SANDLIN: "I think it's clear that it's been working for South Dakota." ANNCR: "She voted for Obama's stimulus that increased debt and failed to create jobs." HERSETH SANDLIN: "It's my political party that's in charge of everything in Washington." ANNCR: "Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. She acts one way in South Dakota, another way in Washington." NOEM: "I'm Kristi Noem and I approve this message."