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NRSC TV ad to be taken down

Privately, Republican officials tell First Read that the controversial TV ad hitting Joe Manchin -- and featuring "hicky" actors -- will be rotated out of their ad rotation.

Separately, Republicans are maintaining that the National Republican Senatorial Committee had nothing to do with the casting call for "hicky" actors to portray West Virginians in the ad.

National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Walsh emails: "Contrary to the false headline by Politico, no one at the NRSC, or associated with the NRSC, had anything to do with the language used in this casting call. We do not support it. But we're not going to be lectured by a Governor who refuses to tell the people of West Virginia why he's flip-flopped on ObamaCare or why his office is under investigation by the Department of Justice. It's one thing for actors to impersonate someone they're not because it's their job, it is entirely different when a governor is doing that so he can get promoted, as we've seen Joe Manchin do in this campaign."