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Obama agenda: A stinging report

The New York Times writes, “The Obama administration failed to act upon or fully inform the public of its own worst-case estimates of the amount of oil gushing from the blown-out BP well, slowing response efforts and keeping the American people in the dark for weeks about the size of the disaster, according to preliminary reports from the presidential commission investigating the accident." More: "The government repeatedly underestimated how much oil was flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and how much was left after the well was capped in July, leading to a loss of faith in the government’s ability to handle the spill and a continuing breach between the federal authorities and state and local officials, the commission staff members found in a series of four reports issued Wednesday."

"The commission probing the BP oil spill says low-balled oil flow estimates might have hampered attempts to plug the ruptured well, and White House officials might have blocked release of 'worst case' discharge models," The Hill adds.

The Washington Post on President Obama’s drawbacks and skills on the campaign trail: while he’s not appearing in many campaign ads as a midterm asset, he is “proving every bit as powerful a fundraiser as they had expected, helping offset some fundraising by outside groups on the Republican side.”

“President Obama had dinner in Cresskill [NJ] and raised nearly $1 million from donors, telling them the nation faces a difficult election and pressing them not to lose focus,” the Bergen Record recounts. “Obama warned Democrats against ‘losing sight of that long game and we start sulking and sitting back and not doing everything we can do to make sure our folks turn out.’”

Per a new CBS/NYT poll, President Obama's approval is at 44%/45%.

Not surprisingly, President Obama won't campaign for Rahm Emanuel's Chicago mayoral bid.