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GOP ties Obama to Manchin

In the battle for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton crushed Barack Obama in West Virginia. And in the general election, Obama received just 43% of the vote in the state.

So it shouldn't be surprising that Republicans are trying to tie Democratic Senate nominee (and Gov.) Joe Manchin to Obama.

A new National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee TV ad features three men -- wearing flannel and baseball caps -- having a conversation about how "Obama's messin' things up."

Says one man: "Joe’s not bad as governor, but when he’s with Obama…

Another interjects: "… he turns into 'Washington Joe'"

The one man replies: "And 'Washington Joe' does whatever Obama wants."

The ad's kicker: "A vote for Manchin is a vote for Obama."

As we've written before, popular governors have often struggled in Senate races, because what voters want from their senators and governors is often different.
*** UPDATE *** The Manchin campaign responds: "National special interests have joined Raese in lying about what Joe Manchin’s priorities will be when he goes to the US Senate. The only thing that Gov. Manchin has been a rubber stamp for is West Virginia and he will always put our state first by standing up to the Obama administration on cap and trade, out of control spending and the over-reaching regulations imposed by healthcare legislation."