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Obama agenda: Talking taxes

“Intending to talk about colleges and worker training, President Obama yesterday suddenly found himself in a spirited debate with a business advisory group about whose tax cuts should be extended and for how long,” the AP reports. “At a meeting of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Harvard economist Martin Feldstein pressed Obama to keep all the Bush-era tax cuts, not just the middle-class cuts the president wants to extend. ‘That would give a boost to confidence,’ Feldstein declared. SEC Chairman William Donaldson added that an extension would allay business and consumer uncertainty. Obama replied that his stand would benefit 98 percent of taxpayers. ‘You'd think [that] would provide some level of certainty,’ he said.”

Roll Call: “President Barack Obama may find that he has some surprising new Republican allies next year. With Democrats poised to lose seats and possibly control of Congress in the midterm elections, House Republicans are looking to the next year to restart their relationship with the White House. Members say they think Obama will have incentive to work with an emboldened GOP and see an opportunity to advance a shared agenda.”

Here's the latest Washington Post/ABC poll: "Less than a month before the midterm elections, the political landscape remains strongly tilted toward Republicans, although Democrats have made modest improvements with voters since their late-summer low point. Democrats have cut in half the GOP's early-September advantage on the question of which party's candidates voters say they will support on Nov. 2. They have also made small gains on the question of which party people trust to handle big issues, such as the economy and health care."