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GOP watch: Palin event postponed

It’s not the first time… “Sarah Palin's trip to Miami this week has been postponed, less than a week before the former vice presidential nominee was scheduled to appear at the AmericanAirlines Arena,” NBC Miami reports. “Tea Party Group SFLA Conservative, which was promoting the Oct. 6 event that was to be hosted by the Liberty and Freedom Foundation, said Sunday that a 'scheduling conflict' led to the postponement of the event.” Tickets had been sold for the event in September. The Hill notes: “Palin's visit to Miami [would have been] five days before President Obama is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser for congressional Democrats at the home of Miami Heat legend Alonzo Mourning.” http://bit.ly/bweWs8 and

Here’s video of Mitt Romney stumping for New Mexico gubernatorial nominee Susana Martinez.

NBC's Shawna Thomas reports from West Des Moines, Iowa, where New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was campaigning for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has asked for Chrstie's support, but hasn't gotten it. In an interview with Fox, Paladino was asked, "Do you think that the party establishment is telling Chris Christie, you’re a maverick but this guy is crazy, hands off him?" Paladino responded: "Yes. So what. Go ahead. They’re welcome. I’m going to win the election. We’re going to take Andrew down."

A reporter asked Christie at a press conference following Branstad's fundraiser about it. Christie responded this way: "I’m happy that Mr. Paladino said nice things about me. It’s better than him saying bad things. I choose the people that I want to come and support and endorse. No one chooses it for me. So the idea that, you know, someone says ‘the party establishment is telling me something’ I mean, you know, who’s he talking about exactly? I listen and go to the beat of my own drummer on these things, you know? So if he believes that there’s somebody trying to prevent me from getting involved in something, then he doesn’t know me that well. So, I’ve gotten requests, as I’ve told you, from more than 30 states to be involved. I’m the Governor of New Jersey and I got work to do in New Jersey. So we’ve picked 13 states where I’ll go to help people because I believe deeply in those candidates and in my ability to be able to help them get over the finish line on November 2nd. That’s why I’m here with Terry Branstad because I believe in him…I’ve never met Mr. Paladino. I’ve never spoken to him so I don’t know how he would know any of that but I thank him for his kind words.”