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Biden on GOP: 'Party of repeal and repeat'

STRUTHERS, Ohio -- Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit Monday to an aluminum-manufacturing plant in Northeast Ohio to lend a hand to Gov. Ted Strickland. The vice president told a crowd of several hundred gathered here that the Obama administration needs partners like Gov. Strickland in the states because "states are the incubators of progress."

“We need Ted,” Biden exclaimed. “The stakes matter.”

Biden’s visit to the Buckeye State was his second in two weeks, and it comes at a time when polling shows the governor’s race is tight. Last week, a CBS/New York Times poll had the race between Strickland and former congressman John Kasich essentially tied with Kasich up 43%-42%.

Kasich has been attacking Strickland’s record on job creation and taxes. Strickland, Biden argued, is responsible for balancing two budgets without raising taxes and creating thousands of jobs. “He’s done it all while dealing with this God-awful recession that his opponent’s Republican policies helped create," Biden said.

Biden also took the opportunity to tout some of the administration's latest successes, such as the new health-care reforms that took effect recently, and hit Republicans on their latest governing blueprint. He said the GOP’s “Pledge to America” was “the exact same thing they were doing before.”

“This is not your grandfather’s Republican Party,” Biden said. “This is the Republican Tea Party. This is the party of ‘repeal and repeat.’”