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Obama agenda: Taking the fight to Cantor's backyard

The Washington Post: “At a recreation center in House Whip Eric Cantor's district [in Richmond, VA], Obama accused the Republican of proposing intellectually dishonest policies as part of the GOP's recently released ‘Pledge to America.’ ‘I know your congressman here I think has strong ideas about what he says he wants to do,’ Obama said. But, he said, the math behind the Republican proposal - which includes keeping the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans while balancing the budget – ‘doesn't add up.’”

More: “Taking the argument directly to Cantor and other Republican leaders is part of a new, aggressive approach for Obama, who has been criticized by members of his party for being too cautious and concerned about offending his opponents. With five weeks until the midterm elections, Obama seems to be shedding some of that caution in favor of a sharper tone aimed at Republicans - and even Democrats.”

Cantor’s response: “After Wednesday's event, Cantor accused Obama of being ‘out of touch’ and trying to ‘demonize success.’ ‘President Obama may want to pretend otherwise, but the stale message that he brought to Virginia today won't help a single person get back to work, and that's where my focus is,’ Cantor said in a statement.”

The AP points out the constant absent foe in President Obama’s backyard visits: the GOP. “Despite all his mingling with middle class voters… Obama's chief focus was on people who never showed up: congressional Republicans and their corporate allies who, the president said, are trying to thwart his administration's progress and turn the clock back to the George W. Bush era.”

After meeting with congressional Democratic leadership this morning in the Oval Office, including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the president will help raise money for the Democratic National Committee at a private residence in Washington. He will also make remarks at a DNC event.

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