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Many Democrats voting 'no' on adjournment among most vulnerable

The following is the list of 39 Democrats who voted with the GOP to not allow Congress to adjourn after current legislative business. Essentially they want to deal with the issue of the Bush tax cuts now and possibly vote to extend all of them.

In this list are many vulnerable House Democrats from swing districts and three members who are running for Senate in November. Those three are Ellsworth (IN), Sestak (PA) and Melancon (LA).

The Democratic no votes: Adler (NJ), Altmire (PA), Arcuri (NY), Bean (IL), Bishop (NY), Bright (AL), Carney (PA), Childers (MS), Connolly (VA), Donnelly (IN), Driehaus (OH), Edwards (TX), Ellsworth (IN), Foster (IL), Giffords (AZ), Heinrich (NM), Herseth Sandlin (SD), Kilroy (OH), Kirkpatrick (AZ), Kratovil (MD), Markey (CO), Marshall (GA), McIntyre (NC), McMahon (NY), McNerney (CA), Melancon (LA), Michaud (ME), Minnick (ID), Mitchell (AZ), Murphy (PA), Nye (VA), Perriello (VA), Peters (MI), Schauer (MI), Sestak (PA), Shuler (NC), Space (OH), Taylor (MS), Titus (NV).