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Del. Senate GOP candidate faces another embellishment scandal

Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) has apparently embellished her education record again.

Liberal-leaning writer Greg Sargent reports:

"O'Donnell's LinkedIn bio page lists "University of Oxford" as one of the schools she attended, claiming she studied "Post Modernism in the New Millennium." But it turns out that was just a course conducted by an institution known as the Phoenix Institute, which merely rented space at Oxford. What's more, the woman who oversaw Phoenix Institute's summer program at Oxford tells me O'Donnell's claim about studying at Oxford is "misleading."

This comes after O'Donnell had apparently claimed for years to have gotten a degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, but only completed last summer.

More from Sargent:

"And in a lawsuit she suggested she was trying for a Master's degree courses at Princeton -- but subsequently acknowledged she hadn't taken a single Princeton graduate course." ... Asked to account for the claim about Oxford, Diana Banister, a spokesperson for O'Donnell, told me it was a reference to a certificate she obtained from a course at Oxford overseen by the Phoenix Instutute, which "runs summer seminar programs at universities around the world."

Sargent also interviewed the person who oversaw the program, Chris Fletcher:

"It wasn't an official course of Oxford University," Fletcher said. "It wasn't sponsored by Oxford University. We rented the space. ... It was our curriculum, and we did the grades, Fletcher continued. Fletcher's conclusion about O'Donnell's Oxford claim: "It's misleading."