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Obama agenda: Trying to rekindle the magic

“With five weeks left to Election Day, President Barack Obama is trying to rekindle some of his 2008 campaign magic on college campuses while also devoting more time to a relatively new format of backyard visits that give him time to explain his policies in cozy, unhurried settings,” the AP writes. “The two-step strategy, which will play out in four states Tuesday and Wednesday, confronts Democrats' two biggest needs: to pump enthusiasm into young supporters who may stay at home this fall, and to persuade undecided voters that Republican alternatives are unacceptable.”

Rahm Watch: “White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, widely expected to leave the White House to make a long coveted run for Chicago mayor, could make an announcement on his decision as soon as Friday, a source close to him said,” the AP says. “Emanuel has not made a final decision, said the person familiar with Emanuel's thinking, who spoke on condition of anonymity for that reason. The dominant factor at this point is the impact the move and the campaign would have on Emanuel's wife and three young children, who live with him in Washington, the source said. Should Emanuel leave the White House, President Barack Obama is expected to choose an interim chief of staff. That's likely to be Peter Rouse, one of Obama's senior advisers in the White House and his former chief of staff in the Senate.”

The latest Washington Post installment of Bob Woodward’s new book covers the Obama-Biden deliberations to not let Afghanistan become another Vietnam.