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Grayson labels opponent 'Taliban Dan'

Here’s one way to bring some attention to your contested congressional race: Give your opponent a catchy nickname linking him to a ruthless terrorist group.

Incumbent Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., launched a television ad over the weekend in which he labeled opponent Daniel Webster “Taliban Dan” for his positions on women’s issues.

“Religious fanatics try to take away our freedom, in Afghanistan, in Iran and right here in Central Florida,” says the ad’s narrator. The spot, which also features images of Taliban fighters, includes video footage of Webster speaking to a Christian organization and saying the phrase: “Wives, submit yourself to your own husband...she should submit to me.”

Webster, who said he has not watched the ad, told an Orlando television station on Monday that the Grayson camp appears to be twisting his words. “I have no idea what context it’s in,” he said of his statement about wives “submitting,” later adding that he “would suspect that it’s explainable.”

He hasn't seen the ad, he quipped, because "my wife asked me not to watch it, and I submitted."

NBC's First Read puts this race in the top 30 of its "Field of 64" House seats likely to change hands in November.