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Ohio Dem tries to turn cuss into cash

In kinder, gentler times, elected officials were known to blushingly apologize if caught using indelicate language to describe a political opponent.

Now? Yeah, not so much.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern, who on Monday referred to Tea Party members with a variation of the f-word, sent out a fundraising appeal this afternoon with the subject line: “My Swear Jar.”

“My comments from earlier in the week have become a national story, and many people in the Republican Tea Party have demanded that I apologize,” he wrote. “I won’t.”

Redfern contends that his use of a Grade A swear word is far less serious than activists’ comparisons between Obama and Hitler or Birthers’ “screaming” about the president’s alleged country of origin.

“Give me a break,” he said in the fundraising email. “THEY should be the ones apologizing. That’s why I’m asking you to contribute to my ‘swear jar’ to help us beat our opponents in November.”