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Coons: 'I'm no one's pet'

This morning on The Daily Rundown, Delaware's Democratic Senate nominee Chris Coons, whose race has gotten new national attention since Christine O'Donnell's upset victory, declared his independence.

A week ago, Majority Leader Harry Reid was quoted calling Coons his "pet" and his "favorite candidate."

Today, Coons called that quote "a very unfortunate choice of words by Senator Reid."

"I'm no one's pet," Coons said, "and I intend to be an independent voice in the United States Senate."

Coons also said he disagrees with administration policy on offshore drilling and the Troubled Asset Relief Fund -- the bailout of banks begun during the Bush administration which has become a popular target on the campaign trail.

The "pet" quote has already been used against Coons in attack ads -- and got a mention from O'Donnell on conservative Sean Hannity's show last night.