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Angle: Limbaugh appearance raised $236,000

While Christine O'Donnell says -- ironically on FOX News -- that she will no longer speak to the national media, Nevada GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle once again admitted how she has been able to use conservative media outlets as an ATM in her race against Harry Reid.

At a house party earlier this month, the Las Vegas Sun reports, Angle said that she raised $236,000 from one appearance on Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

Here’s the deal: when I get a friendly press outlet -- not so much the guy that’s interviewing me -- it’s their audience that I’m trying to reach. So, if I can get on Rush Limbaugh, and I can say, “Harry Reid needs $25 million. I need a million people to send twenty five dollars to SharronAngle.com.” The day I was able to say that [even], we made $236,000 dollars. That’s why it’s so important. Somebody ... I’m going on Bill O’Reilly the 16th. They say, “Bill O’Reilly, you better watch out for that guy, he’s not necessarily a friendly”...Doesn’t matter, his audience is friendly, and if I can get an opportunity to say that at least once on his show -- when I said it on Sean Hannity’s television show we made $40,000 before we even got out of the studio in New York.

(Here's the audio, courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun.)

Of course, this isn't the first time Angle has admitted this. In an interview last month with FOX's Carl Cameron, Angle said: "When I get on a show and I say, 'Send money to SharronAngle.com,' so that your listeners will know if they want to support me that they need to go to SharronAngle.com."

And in July, she told the Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody why she preferred to speak with conservative media outlets rather than shows like "Meet the Press": "Well, in that audience will they let me say I need $25 dollars from a million people go to Sharron Angle.com send money? Will they let me say that? Will I get a bump on my website and you can watch whenever I go on to a show like that we get an immediate bump?"