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Obama agenda: Marking the health-care law

Obama's day: "President Barack Obama is revisiting the much-debated health care overhaul and making a new U.N. pitch for international cooperation on global poverty," the AP writes.

Per the White House, “President Obama will mark the upcoming six month anniversary of enactment of the new law and the implementation of the Patient’s Bill of Rights – critical new consumer protections included in the new law that will end the worst insurance company abuses and help put consumers in control of their own care.”

The Boston Globe: "Former Harvard University president Lawrence H. Summers, the chief architect of President Obama’s federal stimulus plan and some of his other top economic initiatives, is leaving his post and returning to the university to teach by the end of the year, the White House said yesterday."

And: "When Summers joined Obama’s economic team at the start of his administration, he told the president he would commit to one year and then wanted to go back to Massachusetts, since his family did not plan to relocate, according to a White House official who was not authorized to speak on the record. After the first year, Obama asked him to stay an additional year, with the financial regulations bill still being debated and the economy staggering, according to the official."

The New York Times says Summers’ departure “gives Mr. Obama a chance to reshape his economics team after the midterm elections, when Republicans are expected to gain strength and possibly reclaim the majority in Congress.”

The AP's Feller: "Consumed by concerns at home, President Barack Obama turns back to the world stage this week, hoping to remind anyone listening of his efforts to reshape the image and diplomacy of the United States. Yet even this moment is shadowed by economic woes. Obama's trip to the United Nations in New York, which begins Wednesday afternoon, does not offer the sense of anticipation that came with his first presidential address to the General Assembly last September. That event was about defining his new brand of U.S. engagement; this one is more about defending it."