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GOP watch: Murkowski gets punished

"Sen. Richard Burr (N.C.) is expected to take over as senior Republican on the Senate Energy panel after Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) lost the position Tuesday," The Hill reports. "Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) was behind the switch."

Renee Ellmers in NC-2 challenging Bob Etheridge has her first ad out, claiming Muslims want to build a "victory Mosque" at Ground Zero. An announcer says: "After the Muslims conquered Jerusalem and Cordoba and Constantinople, they built victory mosques," the ad's narrator says. "And now, they want to build a mosque by ground zero. Where does Bob Etheridge stand? He won't say."

"In theory, Members of Congress who post videos to their official websites are bound by the same rules that govern taxpayer-funded mail pieces: no overtly political or partisan messages, no mention of elections, no solicitation of support for legislation or a candidate," Roll Call writes. "But Rep. Darrell Issa appears to have figured out the print rules do not really apply to video."