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Obama: Frustrated and anxious

The New York Times on yesterday’s CNBC forum with President Obama: “In question after question during a one-hour session, which took place on Monday at the Newseum here and was televised on CNBC, Mr. Obama was confronted by people who sounded frustrated and anxious — even as some said they supported his agenda and proclaimed themselves honored to be in his presence.”

The New York Daily News' headline out of yesterday's CNBC town hall: "President Obama challenges Tea Partyers: Show us what you'd do!"

The New York Post, being the New York Post, on the other hand, plasters on its cover the question from a supporter who said she was "exhausted" having to defend him. The over-the-top cover headline: "BETRAYED." The point this sensationalistic cover misses, however, is that in a follow up interview with the reporters of the story, the woman, Velma Hart, said she remains "100 percent" in support of the president. She was not, however, completely satisfied with the president's answer: "She complained that he didn't say whether these tough times are a 'new reality' or just temporary. 'He didn't answer that,' she said. 'That was the heart of my question. Like most Americans, fear is starting to take hold, anxiety is taking hold. You can have all the hope in the world, but it has to be backed by action. It's been a long time since I had to make decisions about grocery purchases."