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GOP watch: 'Premature'

"Even as House Republicans prepare to unveil their majority-making agenda, GOP Members are worried about appearing overly confident and have been trying to tone down talk that they will win," Roll Call writes. Here's John Boehner, who said earlier this cycle that 100 seats were in play. "I think it’s all a bit premature," Minority Leader John Boehner said last week when asked about how he would lead the chamber as Speaker. "The Ohio Republican has been actively campaigning for the Speakership for months: He’s talked publicly about wresting the gavel from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and even set up a political action committee to raise money off the prospect. But in recent days, the Minority Leader has softened his rhetoric, and his rank-and-file colleagues appear to be following his lead."

Despite DeMint and Republican leaders' nice talk last week, Roll Call writes that rifts persist: "Although the National Republican Senatorial Committee has begun spending millions of dollars on Senate candidates whom DeMint backed in the primary, South Carolina’s junior Senator remains dissatisfied with NRSC strategy in a handful of races. DeMint is taking what he deems corrective action by spending money in such races, drawing funds from his Senate Conservatives Fund political action committee and his own personal re-election account."

The New York Times front-pages the GOP strategy to repeal the health-care law.