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Obama agenda: The Warren Board

The White House will name Elizabeth Warren to a special advisory role to the White House and the Treasury Department, NBC’s Athena Jones reported yesterday. Warren will be tasked with helping set up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau called for by the financial regulatory overhaul. The announcement will come this week.

The Washington Post: By appointing Warren to a post within the administration - much as the White House did with 'car czar' Steven Rattner and 'compensation czar' Kenneth Feinberg - Obama would free her to act as the bureau's director almost immediately while avoiding a confirmation battle... Scores of Obama nominations far less polarizing than Warren's have languished in the divided Senate for months. Warren herself has told allies on Capitol Hill that she would prefer to be assigned on a temporary basis, rather than enduring a prolonged confirmation process. On the other hand, a White House appointment that bypasses the Senate risks infuriating lawmakers on both sides of the aisle."