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More midterms: Shifting from Bush to Boehner

The AP's Babington on Democrats' shift from bashing Bush to bashing Boehner: "The shift represents a gamble for Democrats, and a tacit acknowledgment that bashing Bush -- doing so helped them win big victories in 2006 and 2008 -- has basically lost its magic. The risk for Obama and fellow Democrats is that millions of Americans will scratch their heads when they hear Boehner's name Democratic strategists, however, say the White House has few choices."

“The DNC has transferred another big chunk of cash to its affiliated committees and state partners, according to reports to be filed with the FEC next week,” the Hotline reports. “The committee set aside $1.67M each for the DCCC and the DSCC, giving the party's House and Senate campaign arms a critical infusion of cash for the campaign homestretch. The DNC has given each committee a total of about $3.17M this cycle.”

CALIFORNIA: Meg Whitman will appear at a fundraiser for state Sen. Bob Dutton at the end of the month, the L.A. Times reports, adding that Dutton would be “a key potential ally if she is elected.”

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stepped into the California governor's race on Monday as it began airing an attack ad against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown,” BusinessWeek writes.

WASHINGTON: Sen. Patty Murray (D) leads Dino Rossi 50%-41% in a new Elway Poll, Talking Points Memo writes.