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Ad Watch: NRSC gets in horse race

Ali Weinberg and Alison Bruno write: The NRSC uses familiar KY language - horse racing - to hit Jack Conway, and Rick Scott proves that he’s still “talking about Obama” as Alex Sink charged in an earlier ad…

CO SEN, anti-Bennet (Club for Growth), "Enough"


ANNCR: What's happened to Michael Bennet? After only 18 months in Washington, he acts like he's been there forever. Bennet voted for record spending and national debt. Voted for big governemnt health care. Voted for our tax money to bail out the car companies. Voted for job-killing tax increases. How does any of that help Colorado? Michael Bennet. He's already been in Washington too long.

CT SEN, Blumenthal "Protecting Long Island Sound"

BLUMENTHAL: Broadwater wanted a huge floating natural gas plant here. Islander East pushed for a pipe line. So I joined with other Connecticut leaders and we stopped them. But in Washington, big oil companies are getting their way. We need to hold them accountable. I'll fight to end $40 billion dollars in tax giveaways to the big energy companies, put a moratorium on new deep-water drilling and create clean-energy jobs. I'm Dick Blumenthal. I approve this message because I'm going to stand up for you.

IA SEN, Grassley "He Wrote the Bill"


MAN: Iowa's Chuck Grassley wrote the bill for Medicare to cover prescription drugs. GRASSLEY: We had to compromise to get it passed. It's really helped people, but there is more to do, like the same drug shouldn't cost more here than in Canada. We beat the drug companies before. WOMAN: Grassley works. MAN: For us. GRASSLEY: I'm Chuck Grassley and I approve this message.

KY SEN, anti-Conway, (NRSC), "Jockey Jack"


ANNCR: Whose horse is Jack Conway riding? When the U.S. Senate debated a government takeover of health care, Conway supported it. When other states took the Obama health care law to court, Attorney General Jack Conway refused. When Obama and Pelosi cut hundreds of billions from Medicare, Conway still said yes. Big Government running health care. Big cuts to Medicare. Jack Conway took their side. Jack Conway. He's not riding Kentucky's horse.

CA GOV, anti-Brown (US Chamber of Commerce) “Turn California Around- Lawsuits and Jobs”


ANNCR: 2 million Californians out of work. Over 12 percent unemployed. So what does Attorney General Jerry Brown do? he says 'I don't do much these days except sue people.' California already has one of the worst legal climates in America. But Brown says he has 1100 lawyers ready to sue. No wonder jobs and businesses are leaving California. Tell Jerry Brown, stop chasing away California jobs. The US Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the content of this advertising.

FL GOV, Scott “Wrong Solutions”


ANNC: President Obama tricked us, saying he's in the mainstream before becoming our most liberal president ever. And Alex Sink helped him do it. SINK CLIP: Barack Obama has the right message and the right solutions for turning our economy around right here in Florida. ANNC: The right solutions? Sink backed the government health care takeover cutting $500 billion from Medicare. She backed Medicare. She backed the failed stimulus bill which created debt, not jobs. SINK CLIP: Barack Obama has the right message and the right solutions. ANNC: Wrong solutions, Alex.

GA GOV, Deal “Nathan”

ANNCR: Nathan Deal. Born to public school teachers in southeast Georgia, Nathan learned to love this land and her people. He spent his life in service to his community, state and country. Soldier. Prosecutor. Judge. Public servant. Through it all, Georgians have trusted Nathan Deal to get the job done right the first time. In tough economic times, that's the type of governor you need. Nathan Deal. He'll get it right. The first time.

UT GOV, Herbert “Integrity”

BELL: With Gary Herbert, what you see is what you get. He is a man of principle, a man of integrity. Utahans want to hear a serious debate of the critical issues this state faces. Taxes, the economy, jobs, education, immigration. For the Corroon campaign to make personal attacks on our governor is a disservice to the people of Utah.