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The midterms: Final Primary Tuesday

The Boston Globe: "Candidates across the state launched their last-ditch appeals to voters yesterday as the busiest primary season in memory built to a frenetic close, with today’s verdicts at the polls being carefully watched as a sign of the electorate’s mood heading into November."

DELAWARE: Today’s Republican Senate primary “was prompting anxiety among party officials, who feared that a victory by Christine O’Donnell, a candidate backed by the Tea Party, could complicate Republican efforts to win control of the Senate,” the New York Times writes. “Republican leaders rushed to the aid of Representative Michael N. Castle, a moderate lawmaker and former governor, as internal party warfare -- including accusations of a death threat -- intensified on the eve of the primary.”

“Rep. Mike Castle is blaming the influence of outsiders for the closer-than-expected GOP Senate primary he's locked in against tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell,” Politico writes. “Castle, who last faced a primary election challenger in 1992, said the six-figure sums pumped into the state by the Tea Party Express, and the recent endorsements of O'Donnell by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, prove that his opposition is being powered by out-of-state forces.”

MASSACHUSETTS: Catch this... The Boston Globe endorses Democrat Mac D'Alessandro over incumbent Democrat Stephen Lynch in today's MA-9 primary.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: The New Hampshire Union Leader writes how Republican underdog Ovide LaMontagne “is looking to shock the New Hampshire political scene today by parlaying comparatively few campaign dollars into his second Republican primary upset of an establishment-backed front-runner,” Kelly Ayotte.

“Energized New Hampshire Republicans have spent more than $9.5 million trying to retain the seat of retiring US Senator Judd Gregg -- believing the winner of today’s primary will have an edge in November,” the AP writes. Ayotte, the AP ads, has spent $2 million.

NEW YORK: “The strength of a tea party candidate trying to ride a wave of voter anger against the state Republican leaders' choice in the race for governor will be tested along with the future of the state GOP and Conservative parties in New York's busy primary on Tuesday,” the AP writes, as millionaire developer and political newcomer Carl Paladino and former congressman Rick Lazio head to the polls.

“Not to be lost among today’s flurry of electoral action, embattled Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) must survive a primary challenge from the son of a political rival under the most challenging circumstances of his 30-year political career,” CQ writes.

WISCONSIN: “From brown bag buses to pre-primary polkas, the last effort for voters is not without showmanship. But for the two Republican candidates who agree on more issues than they disagree, it's also a chance to point out their differences,” local CBS affiliate WISC reports.

Both Republican candidates for governor, former Rep. Mark Neumann and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker “are promising hefty tax cuts in their first budget as governor and some possible increases in spending on roads and bridges,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes.