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Obama to headline four major rallies

President Obama will hold at least four major rallies in key states between now and Election Day, per AP.

The appearances are scheduled for Madison, Wisc., on September 28; Philadelphia on October 10; Ohio on October 17; and Las Vegas on October 22.

They’re all key states that Obama in which has invested time before, holding massive rallies during the runup to the presidential election. In Madison, for example, Obama held a February 2008 event that drew 19,000. In April of that year, he pulled a crowd of 35,000 to Philly. And a Vegas rally almost exactly two years to the day before his newly-scheduled October event there was attended by 18,000.

(In 2008, of course, he was himself a candidate in a historic presidential election; this fall, he’ll be attempting to energize voters on behalf of Democratic congressional and gubernatorial candidates in the hopes of stemming massive GOP gains in the November midterms.)