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Ad Watch: DSCC against Buck

The DSCC releases an ad warning voters against what it calls Ken Buck's extreme views in the Colorado Senate race; Alexi Giannoulias breaks away from the now-frequent practice of Democrats distancing themselves from President Obama, and bases his new ad on the president's endorsement; and in New Hampshire's Republican Senate primary, Bill Binnie tells both Republican and independent voters that they can go to the polls for him next week.

CO SEN, anti-Buck (DSCC), "Listen"


ANNCR: "Listen to Ken Buck on Social Security." BUCK CLIP: "Fundamentally against what I believe." ANNCR: "He'd put Social Security in the stock market. Billions for Wall Street. Listen to Buck on whether he'd rewrite the Constitution and end our right to vote for our own senators." BUCK CLIP: "The short answer is yes." ANNCR: "Ending our right to vote. Threatening Social Security. Ken Buck. The more you hear, the more you wonder. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising"

GA SEN, Isakson, "Friday Nights"

ISAKSON: "The sidelines are a great place to watch a football game, but when it comes to fighting for Georgia, I'd rather be in the thick of it. Whether it's fighting government-run health care, trillions in new spending, liberal Supreme Court nominees or higher taxes, my first job in the Senate is to protect our conservative values. That's why I went to Washington, and that's why I come home to Georgia almost every weekend. I'm Johnny Isakson and I approve this message, and I'll continue to fight for the Georgia we love"

IL SEN, Giannoulias, "The Choice"

GIANNOULIAS: "I'm Alexi Giannoulias and I approve this message." OBAMA CLIP: "Alexi's my friend. I know his character. You can trust him. You can count on him. On his very first day in office, Alexi enacted sweeping ethics reforms. He's proven himself as someone who isn't afraid to stand up to special interests. Alexi's not funding this campaign with federal lobbyists' money. Not a dime. He's not doing this to help the lobbyists. That's the kind of person you want in the United State Senate"

IA SEN, Grassley, "Grassley Works for Iowa"

VARIOUS PEOPLE: "He's not Washington, he's pure Iowa. Chuck Grassley. He jogs at 5:15 AM. Grassley is a farmer, worked an assembly line and was a union member. He understands us, urban and rural. Voted hardest working senator by Democrats and Republicans alike. Longest voting record of any senator, 6,000 straight. Work horse, not a show horse. Can't wait to see what he does next." GRASSLEY: "It's an honor to be your senator. I owe you hard work. When the Senate's not in session, I'm in Iowa, having meetings in all 99 counties, every year, not just election years. Then, when that work is done, I come home to my farm. I'm listening, I'm working to make your life better." ANNCR: "Grassley works for us." GRASSLEY: "I'm Chuck Grassley and I approved this message"

IA SEN, Grassley, "Grassley Works for Us"

BARBARA GRASSLEY: "Chuck Grassley has always known hard work. As a family farmer, on an assembly line and in the Senate. He has the longest consecutive voting record of any senator, 6,000 straight. Democrats and Republicans name him the hardest working member of Congress. And he's not done yet. I know -- he's my husband." ANNCR: "Grassley works." B. GRASSLEY: "For Iowa." C. GRASSLEY: "I'm Chuck Grassley and I approved this message"

KY SEN, Paul, "Gift of Sight"

ANNCR: "When Medicare closed its doors to patients needing care, Rand Paul opened his. Rand founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic to provide for those in need. Awarded for his service, Rand always puts patients first. That's why he opposes the Obama-Pelosi health care scheme, which puts Washington bureaucrats in charge, destroying the doctor-patient relationship. Preserving sight. Caring for Kentucky. Dr. Rand Paul." PAUL: "I'm Rand Paul. I'm a physician, not a career politician, and I approve this message"

NH SEN, Binnie, "Independent"

BINNIE: "I'm Bill Binnie and I approve this message. I'm a conservative, commonsense businessman. A pro-choice Republican. That's who I am. I entered this race to fix our economy. My Republican party is fiscally conservative, strong on national defense and committed to protecting individual rights and privacy. Republicans and every independent can vote in the September 14th Republican primary. I ask for your vote. Thank you"

WA SEN, Murray, "Repeal"

MURRAY: "I'm Patty Murray. I sponsored this ad." ANNCR: "The big banks and Wall Street didn't want financial reform. They don't want to be held accountable. They want someone who will repeal the tough new regulations." REPORTER: "So yes, that's a repeal?" ROSSI: "I think we should." ANNCR: "Repeal Wall Street reform?" ROSSI: "I think we should." ANNCR: "Dino chose his Wall Street contributors over protecting our savings. Rossi took the big banks' money then turned his back on taxpayers. Dino Rossi is not on our side"

WA SEN, Rossi, "Yesterday"

ROSSI: "Our economic problems didn't start yesterday. They've been building for years. Some wanted to ignore them, but I told you the truth. Government spending and debt are out of control, destroying jobs and threatening our future. We need to meet these challenges head on. By controlling spending, reducing the debt, ending bailouts and earmarks. I'm Dino Rossi, and I approved this message. Our economic problems didn't start yesterday, but we need to start fixing them today"

WI SEN, Feingold, "Earned It"

ANNCR: "Russ Feingold's work to provide our soldiers with the support and health care they deserve has earned him the approval of Wisconsin veterans. Russ's fight to protect local jobs from being shipped overseas and create jobs here has earned him the respect of Wisconsin families and small businesses. And his stand against wasteful spending and automatic pay raises for members of Congress has earned him a lot of lonely lunches in Washington." FEINGOLD: "I'm U.S. Senator Russ Feingold and I approved this message"

WI SEN, Johnson, "18 Years"


JOHNSON: "I'm Ron Johnson and I approved this message." VARIOUS PEOPLE: "We pay the taxes and people in Washington don't seem to understand that. We can only take so much. Russ Feingold is a career politician, has not worked anywhere outside of politics. Russ Feingold has never created a job, Russ Feingold has never met a payroll. Russ Feingold normally and almost always votes on party lines. He's right in the Reid-Pelosi-Obama camp. Russ Feingold's a career politician -- in there for 18 years. Russ Fengold can't blame anybody else -- he's the problem"

FL GOV, "Difference"


SINK: "Unfortunately, Rick Scott seems to think running for governor is all about President Obama. That's a big difference between us. I'm Alex Sink. While Rick Scott's focused on Obama, I'm focused on creating jobs and giving tax relief to Florida's small businesses. Rick Scott just talks about Obama, while I have a plan to make Florida's schools stronger. He can just keep attacking Obama, but you and I know we need a Governor who attacks Florida's challenges."

NY GOV, pro-Lazio, "CPNYNED"


ANNCR: "The Conservative party agrees with Rick Lazio and other fiscally conservative New Yorkers who want Albany to cut taxes and stop wasteful spending. government liberals can't help themselves. Unemployment is at record highs while taxes and spending keep rising. the Conservative party agrees with Rick Lazio. They must be stopped"

TX GOV, anti-Perry, (Back to Basics PAC), "Four More Years"

MAN: "(Gov.) Rick Perry (R) just raised our insurance bill again." ANNCR: "Under Rick Perry, Texas insurance companies have made over 14 billion in gross profits. Big insurance illegally put hundreds of thousands into Texas elections for Perry's buddies. Then Perry pushed for a law that lets insurance companies raise homeowners rates without having to justify the increase. Now Texas insurance rates are 75% higher than other states." WOMAN: "Thanks, Rick." MAN: "Imagine what he could do in four more years"

HI GOV, Abercrombie, "Your Consideration"

ABERCROMBIE: "For me, this campaign has been a conversation, you and I, and I've heard what you've said. You don't want the same old politics, you want real change. So we published a comprehensive plan to invest in education, rebuild our economy and sustain our Hawaii for future generations. Above all -- restore public confidence. So I ask for your consideration as your next governor. Casting your vote is an act of faith and trust that I will honor and respect"

HI GOV, Hannemann, "Putting Our People Back To Work"

HANNEMANN: "That's what I want to do, I want to put people back to work and I have a plan. If you really want to understand Hawaii's economic challenges, this is how you do it. Talking and listening with real people who simply want to work. This is the human side of our struggling economy. Everyday folks who want nothing more than to earn a decent living so that they can support their families. As governor, I won't rest until we strengthen our economy and put all of our people back to work"
trust that I will honor and respect"

HI GOV, Hannemann, "Education"


HANNEMANN: "Our most important commitment to Hawaii's future is providing our children with a sound education. Furlough Fridays were a disaster for our young people. We've got to help them make up that lost ground, and we can never let such a thing happen again. That's going to take fiscal responsibility, sound management and a stronger economy and bringing everyone to the table, state and counties, families and business. Working together for our children, we can get the job done

ID GOV, Otter, "Tackles The Issues Head-on!"


ANNCR: "Hard times means everyone cuts back, even state government." OTTER: "You, your friends and neighbors had to tighten your belts and while not everyone was happy with the cuts we made, I made sure that the state government tightened theirs. Today Idaho leads the nation in reducing the size of government and we're not in debt. Now despite the worst recession that we've seen in 70 years, Idaho is moving in the right direction, and I'll keep it that way." ANNCR: "Butch Otter. Our future. Our governor"

ME GOV, anti-LePage (DGA), "LePage and Energy"


ANNCR: "Here in Maine, this is what's key to our economy, our jobs, our quality of life. How about adding a nuclear power plant to that picture? Paul LePage says we should. Offshore drilling along our coast -- LePage says he strongly supports it, even before cleaner alternatives like wind power, and he'd make the state department of environmental protection friendlier to the developers and polluters. Staying green is not rational, he said. Tell Paul LePage his pro-nuke, pro-drilling policies are wrong for Maine"

OH GOV, Kasich, "Stronger Ohio"


KASICH: "When I was in business, ParkOhio wanted to strengthen itself financially and I was able to be involved with a team of people who were able to accomplish just that. And as a result, they were able to keep people working. That's what it's all about. If you can help people get a job and keep a job, you make their families stronger, you make the community stronger, you make your state stronger. I'll surround myself with a team of people who wake up every day focused on what we need to do to make Ohio business friendly again"

RI GOV, Chafee, "Trust Chafee"

CHAFEE: "We have to change. We have to grow our economy by working hard at balancing our budget and taking advantage of our assets. And the goal is high paying good jobs and economic growth that can keep down our property taxes. There's no doubt that there's a connection between the cronyism and the corruption in Rhode Island and our inability to grow our economy. I want our young people to have the opportunity to stay here, in the state they love and that's why I'm running"

RI GOV, John Robitaille

ANNCR: "Democrats in the legislature and career politicians gave us record unemployment, crippling taxes and uncontrolled spending. Rhode Island needs a strong leader, a new direction -- John Robitaille for governor. A former Army paratrooper and successful small businessman, John will shake up the status quo. He will cut property taxes, work to create jobs and get our fiscal house in order, Career politicians created the mess, they cant fix it. John Robitaille -- tough new leadership to get Rhode Island back on track"

RI GOV, Moffitt, "Jobs"

ANNCR: "Victor Moffitt, a man with a vision and a solid plan to fix Rhode Island now and create jobs. Has a vision to build a non-profit oceans aquarium science and research center. To expand the small business loan fund to make it easier for small businesses to grow. To reduce sales tax, to create new retail jobs. Elect Moffitt, you will profit. Together we will make Rhode Island a state we're proud to call home. Victor Moffit for governor"

TN GOV, Haslam, "No Income Tax = More Jobs"


HASLAM: "Does not having a state income tax mean more jobs? Absolutely. I'm a businessman and a mayor. I know what competition is like with other states for jobs. One of Tennessee's greatest assets is that we don't have an income tax. I'll veto any attempt to have one. No income tax, more jobs for Tennessee. That's what matters now"

UT GOV, Corroon, "CHEAP"


ANNCR: "Peter Corroon has earned a reputation for being tight with a dollar." COWBOY: "He's che... he's thrifty." WOMAN: "He's really ch... tight-fisted." ANNCR: "As Salt Lake County mayor, he slashed county government by almost 20 percent last year while protecting essential services. He vetoed a tax increase passed by his own party, and said no to tax dollars going to the soccer stadium." WOMAN 2: "He's really che... thrifty." MAN: "Frugal." ANNCR: "He even wears his brother's hand-me-downs." BROTHER: "He's wearing my shoes." ANNCR: "Peter Corroon as governor. He'll be (birds chirping, sounds like 'cheap')"

VT GOV, anti-Dubie (Green Mountain Future) "Yankee"


REPORTER: "Vermont Yankee plant officials say they found and fixed a leak of radioactive material there." ANNCR: "Too many dangerous things. An independent investigation finds the plant's owners can't operate it reliably. The state legislature votes overwhelmingly against relicensing. Brian Dubie says he would have voted for. Brian Dubie wants Vermont Yankee open another 20 years. The Times-Argus says he is looking beyond the warning signs to an unjustified rosy scenario. Want Vermont Yankee open another 20 years? Tell Brian Dubie no"