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Ad Watch: The (out)source of Joe Wilson's problem

In South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson's district, Democratic opponent Rob Miller accuses him of outsourcing jobs to Central America. And in an example of how European politics are affected by immigration issues, the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats release a controversial spot in which an elderly woman vies for government funds against Muslim women in burqas. A Swedish TV station is refusing to air the ad in advance of the country's Sept. 19th elections, prompting politicians in neighboring Denmark, a nation familiar with immigration controversies, to accuse the station of censorship.

SC-2, Miller, "Went"

WOMAN: Our jobs went to Central America. MAN 1: Places like Honduras, and Guatemala. MAN 2: Some guy in El Salvador has my job. MILLER: Instead of protecting South Carolina jobs and our workers, Joe Wilson voted for CAFTA, an unfair trade deal that sent thousands of South Carolina jobs overseas. MAN 2: Congressman Wilson. When you put helping Central America MAN 1: over helping South Carolina WOMAN: You lost touch with people here. MAN 2: Congressman Wilson. MAN 1: You oughta be ashamed of yourself. MILLER: I'm Rob Miller and I approve this message because I'll never outsource South Carolina jobs.

Sweden Democrats, "Swedish"

TEXT ON SCREEN: State Budget ANNCR: Politics is all about priorities. What is your choice? The 19th of September you can choose if you want to save money from the pensions or immigration budgets, the choice is yours. Vote Sweden Democrats.

CA SEN, Boxer, "Contra Nostros" (Against Us)


TRANSLATION: Carly Fiorina laid off 30,000 workers when she was the CEO of HP. Families who watched as Fiorina exported American jobs to China. And then she tripled her salary making millions. Right now, Carly Fiorina is against education funding that will stop teacher layoffs. Fiorina is against education funding that will stop teacher layoffs. And against comprehensive immigration reform. Carly Fiorina is not for us. She’s out for herself.

MD SEN, Wargotz, "Political Insidersaurus"

ANNCR: "This is a brontosaurus. This is a political insidersaurus Barbara Mikulski. Inhabiting Washington for many years. Famous for spending, raising taxes, roaming Washington with insidersauruses like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. This is Eric Wargotz. Physician. Family man. A citizen just like you. Eric Wargotz is taking on political insidersauruses who have inhabited DC for too long. His mission? To make political insidersauruses extinct." WARGOTZ: "I'm Eric Wargotz and I approve this message"

FL GOV, Sink, "Happen"

SINK: "The oil spill has been devastating to Florida's environment and economy. I'm Alex Sink. And while we're fighting to repair the damage and hold BP accountable, we also need to diversify our economy starting right now. That's why I have a detailed plan to develop new industries and attract new businesses to Florida -- like renewable energy, health care and biotech companies. We need a more stable economy for Florida's future. And as your governor, I've got a plan to make it happen"

MA GOV, Baker, "Turnaround'

WOMAN #1: "Have you had enough?" MAN #1: "Enough spending and enough taxes." WOMAN: "Enough insider deals." MAN #2: "Those guys on Beacon Hill." WOMAN #2: "(Gov.) Deval Patrick (D) and (Treas.) Tim Cahill (I)." WOMAN #1: "They just don't get it." MAN #3: "They raised taxes eight times." MAN #4: "Eight times." MAN #5: "They never cut a thing." WOMAN #3: "And pat themselves on the back." MAN #4: "And everything's going up to New Hampshire." WOMAN #2: "Last time I voted for Patrick and Cahill." MAN #6: "They didn't get it done." WOMAN #3: "We need a change." WOMAN #1: "We need Charlie Baker." WOMAN #2: "Charlie will say no to things we can't afford." MAN # 4: "He will turn this state around." BAKER: "So if you've had enough, join us." WOMAN #2: "We can do better"

MA GOV, Cahill, "Daughters"

DEVIN CAHILL: "My dad Tim Cahill taught us to do right." MAKENA CAHILL: "Don't be wasteful and watch your money." NICOLE CAHILL: "Just because everyone's doing something, doesn't make it right." M. CAHILL: "Leave a party if people behave badly." D. CAHILL: "Oh yeah." KENDRA CAHILL: "If you want new results." D. CAHILL: Go in a new direction." K. CAHILL: "Be independent." T. CAHILL: "Wow, sounds like they were listening after all"

MA GOV, Cahill, "It's Time"


CAHILL: "Governor Patrick passed a tax increase without looking for cuts, so I left the Democratic Party. Baker and the Republicans, they ran the Big Dig. That's not an option. So I registered Independent because only a different direction can bring different results. And it's time"

WI GOV, Walker, "Make it Right"

WALKER: "When I became the county executive, I didn't go to work for the government. I went to work for the taxpayers. We had a pension scandal. Politicians were helping themselves to millions instead of helping us. I ran to make it right. We took back our government, turned deficits into a surplus, held the line on taxes and made government smaller -- things Gov. Doyle didn't do and Tom Barrett will not do. I believe in Wisconsin. Together, we will put government back on our side"