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Ad Watch: Tea Party for O'Donnell

The Tea Party Express' political action committee, Our Country Deserves Better, puts out an ad in support of Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, who is challenging Rep. Mike Castle in the primary; Crossroads GPS has new ads up in Missouri and Nevada; and Patty Murray touts a project brought to the state thanks to her position in the Senate.

DE SEN, pro-O'Donnell
(Our Country Deserves Better PAC) "Common Sense Conservative"


ANNCR: In 2008, the American Conservative Union ranked Mike Castle one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress, giving him a score of just 28 out of 100. Delaware Republicans deserve better. That's why the Tea Party Express and Mark Levin support common sense conservative Christine O'Donnell for U.S. Senate. O'Donnell opposed the bailouts and Obama's massive deficit spending. And she strongly supports repealing Obama's health care scheme.

MO SEN, anti-Carnahan (Crossroads GPS) "Missouri 'Baby'"


ANNCR: "She begins her life in the care of others. But what kind of care will be there in her future? Missourians want to make their own health care decisions. But Robin Carnahan disagrees. She supports the Obamacare law. That could raise our health insurance premiums... and cuts billions from Medicare. Now our lieutenant governor is suing, so her health care will be there. Tell Robin Carnahan, start fighting for Missouri. Fight against Obamacare. Crossroads GPS is responsible for the content of this advertising"

NV SEN, anti-Reid (Crossroads GPS)

ANNCR: "With spending already out of control, Harry Reid spearheaded the stimulus spending bill. Harry's stimulus sent nearly $2 million to California. To collect ants -- in Africa. $25 million for new chairlifts and snowmaking in Vermont. Almost $300,000 to Texas to study weather -- on Venus. Meanwhile back in Nevada, we still have the highest unemployment, and record foreclosures. Really Harry. How about some help for Nevada? Crossroads GPS is responsible for the content of this advertising"

NH SEN, Ayotte, "Liberal"


ANNCR: "Bill Binnie's false attacks. Newspapers call Binnie a quote, attack dog and a bully with a big bag of money. Binnie attacks to hide liberal positions like on Arizona's tough immigration law." BINNIE: "I'm not going to pander to you, I don't believe in the Arizona law." ANNCR: "Amnesty, bailouts, European style taxes. Liberal Bill Binnie. Kelly Ayotte is a strong conservative who supports the Arizona law and will cut spending." AYOTTE: "I'm Kelly Ayotte and I approved this message"

NH SEN, Binnie, "Why I'm Running"


BINNIE: "Last summer my company ran a help wanted ad. We received over 350 applications for one job. That drove home the problem. We all know someone who's lost a job or is simply struggling to hold on, like my family did when I was growing up. I'm running for the United States Senate because political insiders can't fix our economy but as a successful businessman, I can. I'm Bill Binnie, and I approved this message"

WA SEN, Murray, "Wenatchee"


DENNIS JOHNSON, MAYOR OF WENATCHEE: This hospital serves an area about the size of the state of Maryland. DAVID WEBER, CEO, CHMN OF THE BOARD: We were in real jepoardy of losing this hospital. JEANETTE WOOD, MANAGER EMERGENCY SERVICES DEPT: But Senator Murray came through for us. WEBER: She cut through the federal red tape and got the support to pass a law that saved the hospital. JOHNSON: Patty saved fifteen hundred local jobs. WOOD: Today, we have the top-rated hospital in the state, a state of the art hospital right here in Wenatchee. WEBER: Thanks to Senator Murray. MURRAY: I'm Patty Murray and I approve this message because I want to continue helping people and solving problems.

HI GOV, pro-Aiona (RGA) "Energy"


ANNCR: "A truly clean environment requires clean energy. Hawaii is the most oil dependent state but Duke Aiona's ideas will allow 70 percent of Hawaii's energy to come from clean and renewable sources by 2030." AIONA: "Clean energy is not an option, it's a necessity." ANNCR: "Duke's plan keeps five billion dollars in our local economy and creates jobs. Rise and shine, Hawaii"

MA GOV, Cahill, "Tim for Governor"


K. CAHILL (in treas. campaign ad): "Vote Tim for Treasurer." CAHILL: "And since then, Kendra has grown up. And I made a difference as treasure." ANNCR: "Tim Cahill runs the lottery with no scandals and record returns. He created a school construction program that cut building costs with audits and accountability. And now, Tim has a jobs plan to finally fix our state's economy." CAHILL: "I'm proud to have saved this state money. And I'll do the same as governor." KENDRA: "Vote Tim for governor"

MA GOV, Baker, "We Can Do Better"


BAKER: "I love the state of Massachusetts and I think it's time for us to turn things around here. I spent the last 30 years of my life fixing things that are broken, holding people accountable and getting stuff done. Right now, under this administration, state government is not working. Balancing the budget, cutting taxes, and focusing on getting people back to work. That's what this race has to be about and that's what it will be about"

MA GOV, anti-Baker (MA Dems) "Charlie Baker -- Had Enough of Big Insurance?"

TEXT: "Charlie Baker, Corporate Executive 2009. Charlie Baker, former CEO: Harvard Pilgrim Health. As a health insurance CEO, Charlie Baker's salary tripled from $500,000 to $1.7 million. At the same time, Baker's company raised rates by 150%. When the company got in financial trouble, it got a government bailout. HAD ENOUGH OF BIG INSURANCE? WE CAN'T AFFORD CHARLIE BAKER"

OR GOV, Kitzhaber, "Hire"


ANNCR: "OK, the job is governor and you're hiring. You can hire Chris Dudley who has never managed anything, never tried to create jobs to help Oregon's families, and never shown much interest in Oregon...Because Dudley lived in Washington to avoid paying taxes that support our schools and health care. Or you can hire John Kitzhaber, who spent his life working for Oregon -- creating over a hundred thousand jobs and giving healthcare to tens of thousands of children. It's your hire, but if we want to create jobs and create change -- vote for someone who already has. John Kitzhaber"