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Ad Watch: War of the words

Harry Reid and Joe Sestak both have ads out using their opponents' own words against them; Crossroads GPS has a new ad tying Jack Conway to President Obama's health care plan; and in Texas, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White says Gov. Rick Perry is partying with too many lobbyists.

KY SEN, anti-Conway (Crossroads GPS) "Bad Sign"


ANNCR: Obamacare is the wrong way for Kentucky. And Jack Conway is going the wrong way too. Obama care means $525 billion in job-killing taxes. It means higher insurance premiums. 500 billion dollars cut from Medicare. Reduced benefits for 113,000 Kentucky seniors. And intrusive big government mandates. It's the wrong way, Conway.

MO SEN, Carnahan, "Mug"

CARNAHAN: "I'm Robin Carnahan. And I approve this message." ANNCR: "Congressman Roy Blunt (R-07). He got caught trying to insert a secret deal for tobacco giant Phillip Morris into a bill just days after company executives gave him over $30,000. He voted to weaken the rules on lobbyist gifts. Rode corporate jets provided by a defense contractor convicted of bribery. And he's taken more money from lobbyists than any member of Congress. Roy Blunt. He's the very worst of Washington"

NV SEN, Reid, "Spoiled"


VEGAS RESIDENT DEBRA HARDING: "I got up every day looking for a job. The unemployment benefits helped me get through." ANNCR: "(ex-Assemb.) Sharron Angle (R) opposes extending unemployment benefits." ANGLE: "No, I wouldn't have voted for unemployment extensions." ANNCR: "She says laid off workers are spoiled." ANGLE: "We really have spoiled our citizenry. ... "They want to be dependent on the government." HARDING: "I'm not spoiled, and I don't want to be dependent on anybody. If Sharron Angle doesn't get that, she should be out of work, not people like me." REID: "I'm Harry Reid, and I approve this message"

NH SEN, anti-Hodes, (Chamber of Commerce)


ANNCR: "Live free or die, the motto New Hampshire proudly lives by. Paul Hodes' motto? Tax, borrow or spend, with your money. Hodes voted for a government takeover of health care, Hodes voted for a job killing energy tax. Hodes' out of control spending helped push America's debt to 13 trillion dollars. Call Paul Hodes and tell him more taxing, borrowing and spending is the problem, not the solution. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the content of this advertising"

PA SEN, Sestak, "Zero"


SESTAK: "I'm Joe Sestak and I authorize this message." ANNCR: "Do you think corporations pay their fair share? Pat Toomey thinks corporations shouldn't pay any taxes." TOOMEY: "Let's not tax corporations. I think the solution is to eliminate corporate taxes altogether." ANNCR: "The middle class is struggling. But Toomey thinks it's Oil Companies and Wall Street banks who should pay no taxes - Zero. No wonder Toomey's been called Wall Street's Congressman." TOOMEY: "The solution is to eliminate corporate taxes altogether." ANNCR: "Pat Toomey -- He's for them. Not for us"

WI SEN, Feingold, "Looks Out for Us"

IRIS: "When the economy collapsed, Senator Feingold helped pass tax cuts." LINDA: "For 95% of Wisconsin families." JOHN: "Russ also fought for tax credits for small businesses." DAN: "And relief from rising health care costs." ANNE: "But Ron Johnson opposed every one of those tax breaks." LAVONNE: "Johnson thinks that the wealthiest Americans, millionaires like him, ought to have their taxes lowered." MECHELLE: "We can't afford that kind of thinking again." JOHN: "We need someone like Russ, who looks out for us." FEINGOLD: "I'm Russ Feingold and I approve this message because you deserve a senator who's on your side"

TX GOV, White, "Rick Perry's Lobbyist Ball"


WHITE: "You want to know who pulls the strings in (Gov.) Rick Perry's (R) Texas? Check out the big fundraiser on Thursday in Austin at the fanciest hotel in town. They're 30 hosts, 29 of the 30 are registered lobbyists. Many used to work on Perry's staff. If you want state government to work for you, for all the people, people of both political parties, join our campaign. Help us move Texas forward. I'm in it for Texas"

GA GOV, anti-Barnes (RGA) "Iron Fist"

ANNCR: "One man ruled with an iron fist, giving us laws and politics we did not want and did not support. When challenged, he was thin-skinned and arrogant, putting the blame on others. Think we're talking about Barack Obama? We're not. We're talking about former Governor Roy Barnes. Roy Barnes ruled Georgia for four years and the results were disastrous. Can Georgia really afford more of the same?"

DC, anti-Washington Teachers' Union/Michelle Rhee Center for Union Facts, "Thanks Teachers Union"

ANNCR: What do you love about the DC Teachers' Union? WOMAN: I think it's great that they put politics above my child's education. BOY: It's cool how the union makes it almost impossible for schools to fire bad teachers. TEACHER: It's impressive how my dues money supports politicians I don't even like. ANNCR: DC Teachers' Union has failed our kids. Played politics. And now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. Find out more at TeachersUnionExposed.com/DC. TEACHER: Thanks, Teachers' Unions.