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What's a Florida Democrat to do?

It's a fascinating dilemma for Florida Democrats -- do you vote for your party's nominee, Kendrick Meek, or independent Charlie Crist?

One argument we've heard is that because Meek has less money and a lower name ID, and because Crist has a stronger pull with independents and has led in the most recent polls, voting for Crist is the safest way keep Marco Rubio (R) from winning the three-way Senate contest.

But Steve Schale, who ran the Florida campaign for Obama-Biden in '08, thinks just the opposite:

[F]or Crist, who after 20 years of being a GOP insider, his only path to victory is to find a way to be Democratic enough to win enough Democrats, Republican enough to win enough Republicans, and to do that in a way where he doesn't anger Independents. Not exactly the easiest thing to do, when Democrats now have a plausible alternative in Meek and Republicans in Rubio. If Greene had won, it might be a different story.

Democrats who support Crist keep saying to me, "well, we just need Dems to vote for Crist," but that just isn't going to happen in the margins he needs to win.

Today, Rubio has the clearest path to victory, but once Democrats figure out that Meek is their only option, his path will get much more clear as well.