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Ad Watch: A darn tough son of a...

In Kentucky, Jack Conway's Senate campaign is out with its first (expletive-free) ad; Missouri Rep. Roy Blunt is hit with yet another ad highlighting his vote in favor of the bailout; and in Georgia's gubernatorial race, former governor Roy Barnes calls for a fresh start, neglecting to mention that he's a former governor.

KY SEN, Conway, "Darn Good"

COP #1: "Jack Conway is the chief law enforcement officer in Kentucky and a darn good one." COP #2: "He's been very tough on crime." COP #3: "Jack was part of the biggest drug bust in Kentucky history. COP #2: "Very instrumental in protecting the children of Kentucky." COP #4: "Jack Conway's locked up people who abused the elderly." COP #2: "He's got an A rating with the NRA." COP #5: "We need a senator who will treat criminals like criminals." COP #1: "We're backing Jack Conway." COP #5: "Kentucky sheriffs and police are endorsing Jack Conway." COP #1: "Jack Conway is the man for the job for Senate." CONWAY: "I'm Jack Conway, and I'm proud to approve this message"

MO SEN, anti-Blunt (DSCC), "Bailout"

ANNCR: "Roy Blunt's Washington. A culture of corruption and special intersts. Where Missouri gets left behind. And when our economy collapsed, Washington is where Roy Blunt took the lead. And voted for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. Roy Blunt has taken over $1.6 million in contributions from Wall Street. And Washington is where Roy Blunt was named one of Congress' most corrupt politicians. Roy Blunt. He isn't just in Washington. He is Washington. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising"

NV SEN, anti-Reid (Family Research Council Action PAC) "A New Battle: Stop Harry Reid"

ANNCR: "They fought in trenches. Stormed beaches. Cut through sweltering jungles. Marched over burning deserts. Our military has protected our soil, seas and skies. But today they're drawn into a new battle. Harry Reid and homosexual activists are attempting to advance their political agenda. By overturning Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Our military is for protection, not politics. Stop Harry Reid. Family Research Council Action PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising"

NC SEN, Burr, "Main Street"
ANNCR: "He's down home North Carolina. Home nearly every weekend, listening, working for us. Been named a hero for taxpayers. You see, Richard Burr is willing to cut spending, while others spend more. Believes growing the economy and creating jobs starts with limiting government, supporting hard working people. He's tight with our tax dollars. Heck, that's just common-sense." BURR: "That's the North Carolina way. I'm Richard Burr and I approve this message because together, we can change tomorrow"

GA GOV, Barnes, "Fresh Start"

ANNCR: "It's time for a fresh start in Georgia. But not with Nathan Deal, whose ethics are under investigation. We can't afford a governor who might spend months in court trying to save himself rather than working every day to save Georgia. Our choice is between the proven experience and competence of Roy Barnes or ethical questions about Nathan Deal. Can we afford to gamble? Nathan Deal. Just more of the same"

GA GOV, Barnes, "Padlock"

ANNCR: "Congressman Deal is hiding something. We think it's in his income tax records. But they're locked up tight. Congressman Deal. Just more of the same old ethics"

NM GOV, Martinez, "Jet"
ANNCR: "(LG) Diane Denish (D). Rules for us are below her. Denish told schools to cut energy use 10 percent. But used the state's luxury jet as an air taxi for her family and friends. Wasting $367,000 in tax money. And breaking state regulations 39 times. Claimed state rules don't Richardson and Denish. Schools cut their budgets while Diane Denish wasted tax money flying a luxury jet. Diane Denish. Above the rules. More of the same"

OH GOV, "Nilda,"

NILDA: "My husband worked at Invacare for nearly 22 years and his job was eliminated in 2006. It was devastating; it was completely devastating. John Kasich sat on Invacare's board as a director and signed off jobs being outsourced and sent to China and Mexico. I believe they sent those jobs overseas so they can make more profit. I don't think John Kasich values hard-working people. I don't think we can trust John Kasich as governor"

OH GOV, "Truth,"

ANNCR: "John Kasich's Washington friends don't want you to know the real record on trade. Ted Strickland voted against NAFTA and against the special trade deal for China. John Kasich voted for them and for more than 20 trade deals that hurt Ohio workers. Kasich's trade deals cost Ohio thousands of jobs -- 49,000 jos to Mexico, 91,000 to China. Kasich and Wall Street made millions outsourcing while Ohio lost jobs." KASICH: "I think that free trade is the way to go." ANNCR: "We just can't trust Kasich as governor"