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DCCC hits Duffy on Social Security

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is up with its first independent-expenditure TV ad of the cycle, and the target is former "Real World" star Sean Duffy (R) in WI-7.

The ad reveals two things: 1) Dems see blasting Republicans on Social Security as their bread-and-butter play, and 2) they obviously see -- as we do -- WI-7 (the seat retiring Democratic Rep. David Obey is vacating) as one of the swing districts in November.*** UPDATE *** The National Republican Congressional Committee responds, “This false and deliberately misleading ad is nothing more than a desperate attempt to distract Wisconsin families from the fact that Washington Democrats have mismanaged our economy from day one. As Sean Duffy has stated on several occasions, he is 100% committed to protecting Social Security. In fact, Julie Lassa is the only candidate in this race that Wisconsin seniors need to fear as she has endorsed the Democrats’ efforts to slash hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare to pay for their government takeover of healthcare.”

The DCCC is basing Duffy's support of privatizing Social Security on his support for GOP. Paul Ryan's "roadmap," which advocates the privatization of Social Security and Medicare.