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GOP watch: Beck blasts Obama over his religion

“Conservative commentator Glenn Beck voiced sharper criticism of President Obama's religious beliefs on Sunday than he and other speakers offered from the podium of the rally Beck organized at the Lincoln Memorial a day earlier,” the Washington Post writes. “During an interview on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ which was filmed after Saturday's rally, Beck claimed that Obama ‘is a guy who understands the world through liberation theology, which is oppressor-and-victim.’ ‘People aren't recognizing his version of Christianity,’ Beck added.”

Beck and Sarah Palin “won't be teaming up on a presidential ticket in 2012, the talk show host said Sunday, after their combined star power drew thousands to the National Mall this weekend. ‘Not a chance,’ Beck said on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ on the network that broadcasts the radio and TV host's popular daily show. ‘I have no desire to be president of the United States. Zero desire. I don't think that I would be electable.’”