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A Daniels denial on 2012 run

Politics is in the air, and so are various iterations of presidential-run denials and nondenials from possible GOP 2012 candidates.

Today's is Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who told the Louisville Courier-Journal this morning that his lack of big dollar fundraising and primary-state jaunts provides proof that he's not eying the White House.

Says the paper, reporting on Daniels’ comments during a meeting with its editorial board:

“Daniels said he is not interested in the post, is not raising money for such a campaign and has not spent much time outside of Indiana. He said all are proof that he is not running.”

The motorcycle-riding gov has been coy before about whether he's planning a run, saying that he's "open" to the idea. In an interview on Fox News Sunday earlier this month, Daniels said:

"Many people have asked that I at least keep an open mind, and I've said all right. But you know, that's -- my attention is entirely fixed on the challenges and, I think, opportunities facing Indiana and trying to do the people's business well here, and that's where it's going to remain."

Daniels received some sunny press recently when GOP Sen. Dick Lugar said that he hopes that the governor “strongly” considers a White House bid.