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More midterms: More local $$ going to GOP

“Larger percentages of homestate contributions are going to Republican campaigns than to the Democrats running for those same House seats,” a CQ study finds.

FLORIDA: “Florida Democrat Freddy Balsera, who led President Obama's outreach to Hispanic voters during the 2008 campaign, is aiding Gov. Charlie Crist's independent Senate bid,” The Hill reports. “Balsera hosted a fundraiser for Crist on Monday at a steakhouse in Coral Gables, Fla. His name appeared atop an invitation sent out by the Crist campaign. According to the invite, the minimum to attend was $500 per person.”

NEW MEXICO: “Susana Martinez is challenging Gov. Bill Richardson to a duel,” the Albequerque Journal writes. “The Republican candidate for governor wants to debate Richardson, who cannot run for re-election this year due to a two-term limit, on television sometime before the November election.”

SOUTH CAROLINA: “South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene was ejected from a South Carolina restaurant by police on Tuesday after his companion got into a fight with other patrons, The Associated Press reports.”