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Vulnerable Florida Democrat barely hangs on

Democratic incumbent Alan Boyd (FL-2) barely hung on to win the primary, 51%-49% over Al Lawson, a former state senator.

Boyd is ranked No. 43 on First Read's Field of 64 most vulnerable House seats. A primary victory this close for an incumbent does not bode well for his fall re-election chances.

Grayson gets opponent

Hotline's Tim Sahd wraps the Florida House results and writes:

"Ex-state Sen. Dan Webster (R) rode his name ID and a high-profile endorsement from ex-Gov. Jeb Bush (R) to a big win tonight, as he defeated '08 candidate Todd Long (R) and state Rep. Kurt Kelly (R) 40-23-14%. Businessman Bruce O'Donoghue (R), who entered the race with much fanfare and with hopes of spending lots of his own cash, never caught fire and took just 7%. Webster wins the opportunity to face Rep. Alan Grayson (D) and his $1.4M warchest, but will need to immediately raise the cash to compete, as he is virtually broke from the primary."