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Rick Scott spent $50 million on primary bid

Rick Scott has spent more than $50 million ($50.2 million) on his primary campaign for governor, according to campaign finance data on record with the Florida Division of Elections.

The former hospital executive, whose company paid the largest set of Medicare fines and penalties in history -- $1.7 billion -- also declared his net worth to be $219 million ($218,589,004 to be exact), according to his financial disclosure form.

Scott loaned his campaign $38.9 million. (The campaign has spent $37.7 million through Aug. 19th.)

But in Florida, there is also something called Electioneering and Communications Organizations (ECOs) akin nationally to Political Action Committees (PACs on a national level). Scott has publicly acknowledged an affiliation with the ECO Let's Get to Work. Scott has given $11.3 million to Let's Get to Work through F. Annette Scott Revocable Trust. F. Annette Scott is his wife.

That means Scott has spent almost a quarter of what he claims to be his total net worth on this primary.