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RNC official wades into Obama-is-a-Muslim story

As Ben Smith writes, this tweet last week by RNC New Media Director Todd Herman suggests that national Republicans don't see any harm by furthering the false Obama-is-a-Muslim story.

Watch - Is @BarackObama amongst the 20% who think he's a Muslim? http://gop.am5/TXi #tcot

The video that was linked shows an 18-second clip of a 2008 ABC interview with Obama, in which he accidentally referred to being a Muslim before correcting himself.

However, the tweet has since been deleted from Herman's Twitter account. First Read has reached out to the RNC for comment, but has yet to hear back.

*** UPDATE *** RNC spokesman Doug Heye responds, "An errant, or sarcastically-intended tweet aside, the RNC has never spoken about the President’s Christianity because it is both crystal clear and a non-issue. What is an issue, and remains foremost in the minds of voters is the failed efforts of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to grow jobs. Today, it was announced that existing home sales plunged by 27%; discussing this issue will serve the voters far better than any nonsense that won’t employ a single American."